September Eleven Thoughts

twin towers
photo by Frizztext, helicopter flight 2000
Nine Eleven changed:
politics and emotions,
magazine essays and small talks,
military budgets and death toll stats.
Changed the level of angst and aggression.
Result: less multiculturalism, more hate.
Who will put an end to the clash of civilizations?
Nobel Prize for HIM.
Adornoold paper
raindropsRemember September 11
related: 10-years-ago

frizztext (photo) & ~JO~ (texture)

About frizztext

writer, photographer, guitarist

28 responses to “September Eleven Thoughts

  1. related:
    the Designobserver stuff asked for permission to use my photo ENTRANCE TO MANHATTAN – twin tower shot with statue of liberty (shot during a helicopter flight)


  2. Beautifully written. (and photographed)


  3. meaningful photos and sentence.


  4. Very touching……it gets me all choked up.


  5. Will never forget that day. And how it inspired my grand-nephew (a Marine) to ask to serve in Iraq, where he was later killed. 😦


  6. grannydog

    Beautiful, very touching memoriam through words and imagery.


  7. It is a truly beautiful picture of a time that is forever seared in my memory… TY for sharing 😉


  8. Beautiful, elegant images. A moving tribute.


  9. Hauntingly powerful images…


  10. thirdhandart

    I think the addition of the crows makes the photo unforgettable – just like the day, September 11, 2001.


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  12. related:
    9/11 Tribute of Light over Brooklyn Bridge (Explore)
    title=”9/11 Tribute of Light over Brooklyn Bridge” (Explore) by rtanphoto, on Flickr,
    sent to my group BLOG IT!


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  15. Well done … enjoyed this one very mcuh.


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