Volkswagen Transparent Factory Dresden

1965 - my very first car
photo by Frizztext
Times are a-changing: high tech in Dresden – they try to change the image of that city, formerly ruled by stupidity and communism: actually Volkswagen has built a transparent factory, watch the youtube video:

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10 responses to “Volkswagen Transparent Factory Dresden

  1. This is an amazing application of robotics and technology in automobile manufacturing. Unfortunately, the unions would never allow this in the U.S.
    My first car was an VW Super Bug. I loved it.


    • thank you, Ken, you sent me the link to this youtube video – I did not saw this before in German TV news; they are trying to change the image of Volkswagen – AND Germany.


  2. amazing! we need this kind of innovation in the U.S.


  3. When I was a child, I liked building a plastic model of car.


  4. Brilliant idea… 🙂


  5. jakesprinter

    Cool Car still living today VW


  6. This has a striking, graphic quality…
    very nice!


  7. grannydog

    This is so futuristic! I can hardly believe that this is happening within my lifetime. Brilliant! Thanks for sharing. 🙂


  8. I visited the Dresden glass factory when living in Görlitz in 2008. Since at the time my rental car was a VW Phaeton (which is made in Dresden) I was lucky enough to follow some Phaetons being made on the line.
    Very impressive (but I don’t drive a Phaeton any more).


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