Nobody knows you when you’re down and out

piccione incazzato
photo by Enrico Colussi
frizztext: I like to play blues guitar and sometimes I sat down on a street and played on my Gibson guitar or listened to the music of other guitar players visiting Germany, coming from England or USA or other parts of the world. Feeling blue I always noticed the pigeons – and I adored them, though walking, they could take their wings for a ride up up and away…
a few times in my life I had to sit down on the ground, because my knees got weak, so as my mother had done her suicide or as I had to leave New York again or as I had a heart attack (visiting the city Wuppertal); but then always I was eye to eye with those other animals: birds, little dogs, cats – and I lost my sadness and decided to rise again; just as Paul McCartney sang: Blackbird: take your broken wings and learn to fly… – animals often helped me; they have a philosophical perseverance – and they believe, they will overcome πŸ™‚
version of Eric Clapton:

version of Carla Bruni

version of Henfield Will

interesting version of Popa Chubby:


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9 responses to “Nobody knows you when you’re down and out

  1. feedback by the pigeon photographer Enrico: @FrizzText
    Thank you for so passionate to pigeon Monitor ….
    are also struck by your story! … know that the piccione vigil on you …..!!
    un ballo
    photo also by Enrico Colussi, Treviso, Italy


  2. What a beautiful post Frizztext and that chick looks so down like it has a coat over its head… This is truly touching…. TY! πŸ™‚


  3. enrico

    grazie di tutto…abbracci di affetto…:-)


  4. Great post frizz, great song!


  5. Had a wait a day or two to comment. . . so timely for me, and true. I had to do the same at the swimming hole my dog loved the best. Two mourning doves landed beside me and stayed for the longest time. I love to wake to their call. Cheered me and decided ‘to rise again.’ When my father was in heart surgery it was hummingbirds. And countless times, my dog. A moving post frizz. Thanks for sharing.


  6. related:
    portrait by Valery Titievsky
    Street Portrait
    portrait – of a hidden emotion:
    we feel more safe near to the ground…


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