San Francisco Bay Blues

Homage to San Francisco (at Dusk)
photo by Geoff Quinn

I got the blues when my baby left me down by the Frisco Bay;
An ocean liner came and took her away.
I didn’t mean to treat her bad, she was the best gal I ever had;
She said good-bye, made me cry,
Made me wanna lay down my head and die…
a) version by Jesse Fuller in Bb major:

b) version by young Janis Joplin with “The Water Creek Boys” (G major)

c) version by Eric Clapton (C major)

San Francisco Bay by Geoff Quinn
HOT CLUB TRIO page 9 by frizz

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14 responses to “San Francisco Bay Blues

  1. Loved the collections and just wanted you to know I am now Positive Kismet on YouTube. Please connect with me there,,, Glad we can be friends there even though I don’t use it all that much. 🙂


  2. When I was eleven or so I’d sneak my sister’s Janis albums and listen to them. Thanks for the collection. So many great pics of Janis.


  3. related, Chris Barber:
    Sweet Sue

    Wabash Blues:


  4. related:

    black mission district, San Francisco
    photo by Will Wilson at


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  6. Very nice. The Jesse Fuller version is a pleasure to watch.


  7. thanks for inspiring to Bumba:
    I couldn’t resist to add my own version:


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