Schadenfreude (a German word, but used in English language too): mostly a sign for a bad character. Maybe allowed vs. Gaddhafi, Libya. I self had my Schadenfreude, when the Berlin Wall fell. So many years of oppression in East Germany. We danced on the streets. No blood shed. Maybe no reason to dance after the Arab Revolution. More reason to feel sad – and start to feel free.
it’s only the car of the enemy, not his head. To present the head of the enemy was found very often in the history of wars. In modern wars (Iraq, Libya) they only took the head of the sculptures of the fallen presidents. Civilization in progress …

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7 responses to “Schadenfreude

  1. It is a word but I won’t associate it with anyone’s name because, sooner or later, the evil we wish others comes back to us. Live and let live. Frizztext!


  2. There is something quite cheerful about this word when a situation is truly deserving of it!


  3. Wolfgang Hermann

    schadenfreude ist etwas ungemein befriedigendes
    wir sollten sie uns öfter erlauben

    lg wolfgang


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