You are as RICH as you feel

You don’t need a car to feel rich. And if it is a rainy day? You can use your umbrella. You are as rich as you feel. With the right music. And the right girl cycling by your side.
cycling in the rain
street photography by Frizztext, Amsterdam

About frizztext

writer, photographer, guitarist

8 responses to “You are as RICH as you feel

  1. comment by maistora, LONDON:
    Not much of a protection, that umbrella – more psychological than real…


  2. Poor guy is getting soaked with that tiny umbrella… 😦


  3. That umbrella is neither use nor ornament!


  4. thirdhandart

    I’ll bet the girl feels rich too… as the guy is letting her cycle on the sidewalk while he’s getting a little wet. Wonderful photo and narrative!


  5. zakpegg

    Great photo of bikes… and the riders… and the rain.


  6. I’m not sure which I love better, the photo or the text! ‘The right music and the right [guy] riding by my side…


  7. Sometimes one cannot makke good use of an umbrella even in …the rain. 🙂


  8. Indeed.We don’t need any cars, if possible.


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