I like photography. And I like music. Every time, when I play “ALL OF ME” on my guitar: the following photo creeps into my mind – TWO HONEYMOONERS – a young couple, willing to love each other as long as possible. They are looking into the future with optimism, though they seem to argue, that some dialogs could be hard. I took the photo on my way to a Gypsy festival in Liberchies, Belgium, a little village where the guitar hero Django Reinhardt was born.

two of us
above: two honeymooners – photo by frizztext
below: video clip: “All of me” – version of Stochelo Rosenberg (C)

intro: 3C 3C 4Ab 3G ://
main part: C /// E /// A /// Dm ///
1.) E / Am / D7 / G /
2.) F Fm C/H A Dm G7 C G7
extro: F Fm C/H A Dm G7
Em A7 Dm G7 C


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7 responses to “ALL OF ME

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  2. I love their expressions!


  3. I love that photo and I hope the cat and dog and dog well….
    It would great to ear then speak. LOL!


  4. Huch! Die waren doch vorhin noch in Farbe? They lost their colours during wedding?


  5. a friend from the Netherlands asked me (on
    How do you manage your time with so much music, writing, photography and being a granddad?)
    I replied:
    beste h…,
    how I manage? only because my wife Barbara helps so much – and also my daughters are trying to support me – and many virtual friends via internet reach my soul and motivation …


  6. Hahha.. I love the photo and appreciate its description. It makes me smile, so thank you.


  7. I also like photo and music.:)
    Have a good day.

    By the way it was too hot here.The tempareture exceeded 35℃.


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