Racism in Europe

After the massacre in Norway I’ve commented in my article NORWAY / bad-news “… if your skin is not the same like the crowd around you, the problem could get much worser; racism is spreading in Germany again, in the Netherlands (after the killing of Theo van Gogh), in all countries in Scandinavia. I read, that the Oslo-terrorist hated the philosophy of the “FRANKFURTER SCHULE” = Theodor W. Adorno for example. I like ADORNO’s philosophy, and I always had trouble, even in Germany, when I made quotations of his wonderful ideas. Maybe I am proud, that this Utoeya-killer-beast hates multiculturalism – I am pro multiculturalism – for example with the group, founded by me, title: www.flickr.com/groups/cultural-boxes/ – the title was inspired by my friend Rita Banerji in Calcutta a human rights activist …”
more at wordpress
or via flickr:
ranking high in my group cultural boxes:
1 – “Pokot and flash – Kenya” by Eric Lafforgue
1..2..3! Pokot and flash - Kenya
2 – =”Daily life at the Mekong riverbank” by Ben Visbeek
Daily life at the Mekong riverbank
3 – =”Mumbai Terrorist attack on 26th November, 2008″ by Soumik Kar
Mumbai Terrorist attack on 26th November, 2008
4 – “In Shepherds’ Room” by Hamed Saber
In Shepherds' Room
5 – “balancing umbrellas” by Rita Banerji
balancing umbrellas
6 – me and my multi-culti-music trio, I think the best concept PRO multiculturalism:
we play music from Latin America (Bossa Nova), Gypsy Swing, Soul, Blues etc.

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12 responses to “Racism in Europe

  1. Ben

    Well said Dietmar!


  2. I found inspiration in your photos.
    Racism is really sad thing.


  3. Sadly, the haters don’t get that with population growth, we will become even a more diverse global community. With that will come all the connections and exchanges that will sustain such growth.. 😦


  4. Multiculturalism is here to stay. Basta!


  5. I like that term – Multiculturalism ♥


  6. we are one world !!!!!!!!!!!!


  7. The term “Multiculturalism” was created as propaganda to citizens of Western nations to convince them that the native or traditional culture of their land must be replaced or set at a par with every failed, unsuccessful culture from every backwater on the planet, thereby delivering them into a progressive, morally superior “Global Community.” For example, in America, “Progressives” have brow-beaten uneducated, unsophisticated Americans to believe that America’s Judeo-Christian and capitalist basis must be over-ridden with non-traditional cultures containing little or no histories of freedom, equality, democracy.

    In other words, the “Multiculturalists” of Europe, America and the Free World are presenting to unsuspecting citizens a dish of tofu, yogurt, cheese, with white mold and green mold, mixed together, and forcing them to consume it while telling them “it is good for you.”


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  9. For every war, there are actually at least two: Therefore, where is there any place left for peace?


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