Norway-bad-news by Frizztext
Norway-bad-news, a photo by Frizztext on Flickr.

at first they thought in Oslo after the bombing, it could be an attack of Islamic fundamentalism, then, as they saw clearer through the nightmare on the little island Utoeya, they had to notice: this brutal massacre was born out of right wing thought-breeding: Christian fundamentalism, acting vs. multi cultural / open minded politics …
I would like to have more peace in the world, more acceptance of other cultures … [frizztext, Germany]

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  4. helmet13

    I must confess that I am not a big fan of her, but as a musician I think it’s a big loss that Amy Winehouse passed away. As far as I can understand she had a very unique voice and style. The mix of Soul, Jazz and R’n’B and some other styles in her music could have been a priming for next generation music, maybe it is already so. I can remember the very first song I heard from her, it was October Song from the album Frank. A very cool singing style. Layed back but also straight and dominant. But we also should not forget the lyrics which always went into the essentials of human things.


  5. helmet13

    Yesterday I read parts of an essay from Mr Julien Offray de La Mettrie (1709–1751), a French philosopher. He said: “that our (western) world will never be happy unless it is an atheist.”

    But I also read a quote from Voltaire: “Atheism is the fault of some people with spirit (intellectuals), superstition is the fault of the fools, and rags are rags.”

    Maybe the “truth” is somewhere in between?

    Yes, music is a strong tool to speak but especially to listen to people from other cultures and I wish many more people do what you are doing for a better understanding of different cultures.

    The thing is, people like you – and me – we see the need and we have the opportunity to do so. Of course you have to work hard on it, nothing is donated. What I am trying to say is that – even in Holidays – they don’t have the opportunity to take a deeper look into another world. And they don’t have the tools for.

    That’s why I think it’s worth to start small: if a new neighbor appears or a new colleague. I can remember the days when I grew up. It was in a working class quarter of my hometown. And I was the first boy who went to Gymnasium (the German equivalent to High School). From the very first day I was “out”. I wasn’t part of the soccer team anymore. I had to justify myself (although I never understood why). Elderly or younger people who had been friendly to me before suddenly became sceptical: “do you want to become something better than us?” … For years it was a kind of running the gauntlet… I never was angry about the people in my neighborhood and nowadays I think the few who still live there did their peace with me because at the end they may have found out that I didn’t hurt them at all. But I never felt the warmth again I felt before…

    Now imagine a guy from Africa would have appeared there…


    • intellectuals have been under oppression in many countries: China, Kambodscha (Pol Pot) – and Germany. I felt that hate too in my High School days – and every time when I had written in the magazine DER SPIEGEL. No whistleblowing allowed in Germany – and not really even in the USA, though they are protected there by law. And you are right, helmet, if your skin is not the same like the crowd around you, the problem could get much worser; racism is spreading in Germany again, in the Netherlands (after the killing of Theo van Gogh), in all countries in Scandinavia. I read, that the Oslo-terrorist hated the philosophy of the “FRANKFURTER SCHULE” = Theodor W. Adorno for example. I like ADORNO’s philosophy, and I always had trouble, ebven in Germany, when I made quotations of his wonderful ideas. Maybe I am proud, that this Utoeya-killer-beast hates multiculturalism – I am pro – for example with the group, founded by me, title: – the title was inspired by my friend Rita Banerji in Calcutta a human rights activist …


  6. Wolfgang Hermann

    und nun der gute teil der nachricht:
    durch den frühen tot ist sie ( und ihre songs) “unsterblich) geworden


  7. for musicians like me also bad news: that Amy Winehouse died …


  8. helmet13

    I think the problem starts much much smaller, inside the family, among friends, acquaintances, in the neighborhood and people I meet in the A-Train. How tolerant am I towards different looking, dissenting and otherwise acting fellows?

    The moment I see a black man as a man with a different skin color than mine rather than simply a man, acceptance is not possible. The same with different thoughts and different acts.

    As long as the difference is at the center of my perception and assessment tolerance is not possible because it is a hurdle. The moment I try to take influence (in sense of exercise power) on other people’s outlook, thinking and acting acceptance and tolerance is not possible.

    My vision is not a bunch of conformist people who do not represent different opinions and actions anymore. Otherness is a major strengthening of human mankind.

    But from my point of view it is impossible to derive superiority of one over the other. Especially not because of religious, political, ideological and lawful reasons and not because of emotional or any other reason. Human dignity (and different skin color) is inviolable.

    Instead of bashing them verbally and physically, I try to convince people (inside the family, among friends, acquaintances, in the neighborhood and people I meet in the A-Train) who think and act different through opinions and actions from which they may also benefit.

    This leads to failure? Yes! It takes a lot of time? Yes! But do you think violence, ignorance or avoidance leads to better solutions?


    • dear Helmet,
      thanks for your elaborated comments both in English and German. I know you are a musician after your daily bureau work too:
      1) music is a great concept of multiculturalism (the massacre in Norway was versus multiculturalism, we know in the meantime). So I founded my jazz trio with gypsy swing, blues, soul, bossa nova, rock ‘n roll etc.
      and I played together with people from Japan and South Korea, Spain and Cuba, Chile and France, Netherlands and Argentina, USA and UK etc.
      2) after I studied Christian theology I continued with philosophy, social sciences and psychology. Then I changed my peer group and networks and I became an atheist. I’ve read in the German news magazine DER SPIEGEL that atheists are ranking at the bottom positions in the USA far below Muslims or homo-erotic persons – DER SPIEGEL 30/2011 page 106-107. BUT: many aggressive actions were inspired by religions! So my answer is: more support for atheism.
      Christians: 2,300,000,000
      Muslims: 1,600,000,000
      Atheists: 1,000,000,000
      Atheists in
      France: 40%
      East Germany: 67%
      West Germany:18%
      not very religious also:
      South Korea, China, Japan …


  9. I wrote for TIME / LIFE magazin online:
    this kind of Christian fundamentalism and anti-multiculturalism is not better than Islamic fundamentalism and terrorism – and me? I like atheism the more the religions become a motivation to do attacks like those 9/11 and other amok massacres …,8599,2084835,00.html?xid=newsletter-europe-weekly


  10. It is terribly sad… what happened to those innocent people is so tragic. :-(


  11. hectorhugo

    So now we need to be on the look out for “white al-Qaeda”?


  12. helmet13

    Anmerkung 2: Sorry, habe noch eine Frage: Wenn es stimmt, dann hat der Wahnsinnige, neben der Bombe in Oslo, mit großkalibrigen / (halb-)automatischen Waffen geschossen. Wozu braucht ein Normalo solche Waffen? In einem Schützenverein? Die sogenannten Schützenvereine sind in Europa zumeist Folgeorganisationen der Bürgerwehren aus den vergangenen Jahrhunderten. Da mögen sie ja noch eine gewisse Berechtigung gehabt haben. Ist diese Berechtigung heute auch noch vorhanden?


  13. helmet13

    Anmerkung: Auch für mich ist Presse- und Meinungsfreiheit eines der höchste Güter unserer Gesellschaft. Natürlich kann / und muss gefragt werden, ob die von mir oben beschrieben Einschränkung der Pressefreiheit nicht der Startschuss für weiterreichende Einschränkungen sein kann? Und die nächste Frage wäre, wie man das, wenn überhaupt, weltweit koordinieren könnte? Wie schon gesagt, ich habe das nicht zu Ende gedacht aber am Ende muss aus meiner Sicht eine vergleichbare Lösung stehen: Keine Öffentlichkeit für Kriminelle, Terroristen & Massenmörder!


  14. helmet13

    Es ist jetzt vielleicht nicht der richtige Moment, dennoch sage ich: Keine Öffentlichkeit für Kriminelle, Terroristen & Massenmörder!

    Egal, ob 9/11, London, Madrid, Bagdad, Kabul, Oklahoma City, Columbine High School, Erfurt, Winnenden, Kinderschänder… Jedes Mal stürzt sich die versammelte Medienwelt darauf und verschafft aus meiner Sicht so vor allem den Tätern ein Podium. Bis dahin schlafenden, potenziellen, menschlichen Sprengstofffässern wird in allen Einzelheiten gezeigt, dass sich eine solche Tat ausführen lässt und welche Resonanz das haben kann. Das gezeigte Leid von Überlebenden und Betroffenen verstärkt das möglicherweise auch noch.

    Wenn es stimmt, dass die überwiegende Mehrheit der Täter nichts anderes als mit Minderwertigkeitskomplexen + Realitätsverlust vollgestopfte, hochgradig suizidale Normalos sind, die nie in ihrem Leben Beachtung erfahren haben, dann ist Öffentlichkeit meiner Meinung nach der falsche Weg damit umzugehen.

    Ich bin kein sogenannter Experte oder Wissenschaftler… und ich habe das nicht zu Ende gedacht, aber ich denke eine kurze Meldung reicht. Dazu müsste es für die Medien eine entsprechende Regelung geben. Sollten die Täter noch leben, reicht eine Meldung über ihre spätere Verurteilung. Hilfe und Unterstützung für Opfer und Betroffene muss im Stillen geschehen.


  15. Wolfgang Hermann



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