Why we travel

Why we travel

2paranoia3Happy Independence Day!
4airstream classic5red motorhome
color photos by Frizztext
1 – me, playing my Dobro + introducing a small ERIBA-caravan
2 – red paranoia
3 – happy independence
4 – airstream classic
5 – red motor-home
Why we travel? Discover my hometown:
black and white photos by Frizztext
6 – travel agency in my hometown
7 – you’re not alone
8 – me, playing my Dobro in my hometown Wuppertal
9 – home, sweet home – with two satellite connections to escape from ugliness

About frizztext

writer, photographer, guitarist

10 responses to “Why we travel

  1. Wonderful memories, great posts. Have a great afternoon.


  2. Nice colors and great cars.I travel to see wonderful things and to meet interesting people.:)


  3. What a cool post Frizz, I feel the travel spirt in every image. I really like the photo of you playing in front of the motorhome. Wuppertal, because it is the home of Pina Bausch would be a wonderful place to visit I am sure.


  4. is Pina Bausch living in a motorhome?


    • she died two years ago – of course SHE wasn’t living in a motor home – but she had no focus on luxury …
      @annet van planten / mezze / Arnhem: I’m playing my Dobro in front of a Dutch motor-home. I never had one. I prefer signs in the Netherland: “kamers vrij” = “rooms for rent”


  5. Hi Grandpa, I might be going there very very soon 🙂


  6. Great collection of caravans… Love them! 🙂


  7. I would love to travel Europe in a motor home. I would spend a month or two in every country and bathe in cold rivers.


    • dear Baxter Bunny,
      once I took a bath in the river Rhine – but never met a swimming rabbit there – would be very flattered to meet you in cold water! once even a whale entered the river Rhine – but turned back after a while – not cold enough for him – no planktons there to eat only swimming beer cans …


  8. Wolfgang Hermann

    wir reisen um nach hause zu kommen
    🙂 wolfgang


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