Wuppertal Blues: Video Clip

1Dobro-Vohwinkel2crowded city
photos + video by Frizztext
me, playing my Dobro resonator guitar in my hometown Wuppertal:

1) to introduce the monorail there called “Schwebebahn” –

a train hanging over the street

(or in other sections above the river “Wupper“) – and

2) to feature the blues mood, that will grab you

by your throat in this dying part of the city.

The neighborhood’s name is Vohwinkel.

Black and white there, no colors, no hope –

but they like to listen to my happy blues …




About frizztext

writer, photographer, guitarist

6 responses to “Wuppertal Blues: Video Clip

  1. perfect lil’ ditty to lift ones spirit! ….I’m tap’n my feet …..I like it! 🙂 I see passer bys enjoy it too!


  2. you make it look easy 🙂


  3. love your passion for making music… 😉


  4. Lovely photos and thanks for the intro to your city… 🙂


  5. Wolfgang Hermann

    the blues needs the tristess
    greetings from the tristess of another place


    • habe gerade mit zwei Musikern aus Wuppertal ein kleines Jazz-Trio gegründet – wir hoffen nun der Tristesse dieser Stadt ab und zu entrinnen zu können: Unser erster Auftritt außerhalb Wuppertals: in Hattingen, Samstag 13. August 🙂 20-22 Uhr


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