Black and White Photography

I like to shoot black and white photos – dreaming from
the grandmasters in the history of photography:
Andre Kertesz and Henri Cartier-Bresson,
Edouard Boubat or Stefan Moses etc.:
1NY, Harlem Fire Hydrant2tango-run
3Rainy Day in Manhattan4basketball, nightly
all photos by Frizztext
1 – Boy, refreshing, NY, Harlem Fire Hydrant
2 – Salsa run in a Cuban Bar
3 – Rainy Day in Manhattan
4 – Basketball match, at night in my hometown Wuppertal
I also like to introduce other black and white photographers, compare
Vittorio Pandolfi
Christine Lebrasseur
Alberto Fanelli
Valery Titievsky
or visit my own black and white collection at
greetings by frizztext

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writer, photographer, guitarist

16 responses to “Black and White Photography

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  2. I also like black and white photos.I like the third photo because of a real rain.


  3. also doch Salsa, hab mir gleich mal die Musik angemacht und ein bisschen rumgetanzt, hat was


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  5. thirdhandart

    I love black and white photos! That’s what we worked on in photography class (mainly because they were supposedly cheaper to develop). The number 2 photo – Salsa run in a Cuba Bar – is a great capture!


  6. I love black and white photography too – the photographs seem to be more dramatic in black and white for some reason, they stand out.


  7. Wish I could take photos like these… 🙂


    • you are a writer, Elizabeth, psychologist, practicing yoga and meditation, supporting my daily motivation to write – what more? maybe, if you are walking through the streets in the Bronx, simply use the shutter of a pocket camera?


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  9. Wolfgang Hermann

    schwarz-weiss ist die reduzierung auf das wesentliche
    licht und schatten
    ich liebe schwarz weiss
    ein farb foto sättigt rasch
    an einem shcwarz weiss foto kann ich mich gar nicht satt sehen
    in diesem sinn
    have a fine light my friend in your eyes
    and a blues in your ears


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