Ocean is my only medication

photo by Frizztext

I like the lyrics of the song “Knee deep” by the Zac Brown Band:
more of the song lyrics at
for guitar players: Capo on first fret, then play
D – G – Bm/A – D/A etc.
play Bm not B as proposed at guitaretab
enjoy the version (with lyrics) uploaded to youtube:

About frizztext

writer, photographer, guitarist

17 responses to “Ocean is my only medication

  1. Du hast Recht, es ist eine sehr schöne Melodie. Auch Dein ausgesuchtes Foto ist prächtig.
    Nog schönen Sonntag wünsche ich DIr, Dietmut


    • von Hamburg nach Rotterdam: das Meer war immer in deiner Nähe, auf deinen Reisen über die Kontinente erst recht – beneidenswert! schön, dass du so viele Fotos als Lebens-Resümé hast!


  2. Looking at the ocean lifts our spirits better than any medication. Love Zac Brown’s Knee Deep.


  3. Great song, kinda Buffettish, but then again that’s why free-wheelin’ it down by the ocean is something we all love to sing about and do!


  4. P.S.:
    I was not diving with my guitar; at first I took the little video in BERLIN Zoo “Tierpark” – then grabbed my guitar at home trying to remember this old BEATLES tune – I repeated this melody as often as the shark made his rounds, and then got sad, understanding, that he can’t feel happy in this aquarium. also, I think, someone must brush his teeth!…


  5. Every time I see the photo of this place, I want to leave my job and visit this place. 🙂


  6. staring at the water be it lake, ocean or river is very therapeutic. love the colors of this photo, quite nice shadows too


  7. Lived near the water on the island of Maui, where I was born. As I age, the pull of the ocean grows stronger. Would someday love to once again live near water.

    hugs for sharing these reminders of my island paradise… 🙂


  8. I was just eating watermelon and listening to Lacy J Dalton singing “Listen to the Wind.” Watermelon, and wind, bending the high grass into swirls like waves on the sea, remind me of living near the ocean when I was growing up, spitting watermelon seeds in the shallows. Great post.


  9. Is that one of your Santorini shots? Gorgeous… 🙂


  10. Great photo! Now that’s an ocean with view! WOW! love it!
    Love the sound of your guitar playing in the background …I hold my breath as I watch that shark swim close to the glass….cool video… 🙂


  11. thnx for linking back buddy! 🙂


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