Dance like no one would see you

Flaubert: “One does not dance today any more; one marches, winds himself.”
Frizz comment: Nevertheless I hope, some of us still manage to keep on dancing.
If they are afraid to do this in public, maybe they have courage to do it, if
no one can watch them … related: how-we-move-nowadays
1happy dancing crowd2cuban-colors
3Tango 0644Ortega y Gasset
photos by Frizztext
1:Tilburg 2:Havana 3:Wuppertal 4:Seville

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15 responses to “Dance like no one would see you

  1. hey!…where did you find that picture! ….that’s me in the red!…tee..hee…this lil’ SoapBird loves to dance!!!!!!!!!! I play music all day long! I got moves that’ll make your head spin! lol…I couldn’t last a day without it…okay may I could…but i’d rather not think about that…

    Great pics! 🙂


  2. Pseu

    I need a dancing teacher….


  3. These people have moves!
    I have two left feet!


  4. I’m always up for a spin around the floor…my hubby not so much. No matter. I can groove sitting in my computer chair…or anywhere, for that matter. 🙂


  5. Whooo, I LOVE dancing. This is good ;-)!!


  6. I love to dance, but don’t do enough of it these days! My goal is for my husband and I to take tango lessons, nothing more sexy!

    Actually, a couple years ago I learned how to dance the Chilean Cueca. You wouldn’t think it is a sexy dance, (part of it is based on the moves a rooster makes to impress the hen), but the men in their boots and ponchos are attractive…and then there is the “Cueca Brava”, the street version! Gets pretty hot!

    Great photos, makes me want to turn up the music and grab my husband!


  7. love the energy in all the dancing… 😉


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