Breakfast 4 U!

breakfast for U
me, serving breakfast, photo by Frizztext

I carried the 4-minutes eggs, very hot, in the pocket of my bathrobe directly to your bed. I’ve blown like an angel with a trombone into the hot cappuccino milk. As a little liquid went to the ground, i pulled out with my bare toes a cloth and wiped off, alike a slicer would be under my feet! About my shoulder was hanging off the sliding kitchen towel. In one hand the flat shallow pan, in the other various bread rolls. With my feet I bulldozed the unwieldy, bulky, awkward cardboard packing boxes! I’ve closed the door of the refrigerator blindly with legs and hip. I’ve ripped open with the teeth two packs of ham and cheese.

About frizztext

writer, photographer, guitarist

4 responses to “Breakfast 4 U!

  1. Wolfgang Hermann

    what a lovely idea
    this picture and your words make me happy and hungry
    🙂 wolfgang


  2. Deletrius

    That food looks absolutely fabulous


  3. How romantic… I hope Barbara was happy… Great picture. 🙂


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