Nobody knows you

self portrait by Frizztext

me, playing on my nylon string Gibson guitar that old blues standard
“Nobody knows you, when you’re down and out”.
Of course there are better versions by Eric Clapton or even Carla Bruni, the French First Lady;
but, I beg your pardon, it soothes my soul too,
to play this as a simple instrumental without any vocals …
(and of course colors have gone, it’s a black and white video):

About frizztext

writer, photographer, guitarist

12 responses to “Nobody knows you

  1. Great sound.It’s wonderful that I can hear your performance in Japan.


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  3. Oh but I love your version too… lots of sensitivity and soul in it! 🙂


  4. thirdhandart

    Wow! Very good acoustic solo!


  5. Blues, blues guitar, Nobody Knows You When Your Down An Out–The Blues–The Truth–The Truth Is In The Blues. Nice!


  6. Very good sound!


  7. i could hear it now! 🙂 so cool! thanks for sharing, dietmar! i also liked it with carla’s voice!
    great collection!


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