Cat Petition

My cat Emily bringing the petition “NO PENALTIES!!!”
Cat Petition

I like the humor of the Dutch photographer Akbar:
those cat philosophy wall stickers with slogans of anarchism!
1We zijn overal!2Weg met straf = Away with penalty

Dutch cats are English spoken now – I made a version of Akbars findings in the Netherlands
3we are everywhere4no-penalties

“I find that nonsense, at times, is singularly refreshing” – Charles M. de Talleyrand

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10 responses to “Cat Petition

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  4. Wolfgang Hermann

    i love this cartoons and the cats

    if you spend time with the cats
    they become more inteligent
    and handsome


  5. I like the traveling cat cover of an old Ry Cooder LP


  6. Why is she angry? :-)


  7. in German: Volle Narrenfreiheit für Katzen – don’t know how to translate … WEG MET STRAF!


  8. As a cat person myself, I enjoy the cartoons!


  9. Emily is very welcome in the movement….:-)


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