Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater

Alvin Ailey להקת המחול
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50 years ago, aged 15, I was the lead singer of a gospel choir in a little German town. The teacher of our school (Dr. Bozetti) had been in New York and saw there the “Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater” (founded 1958). He was touched by those emotions so much that he inspired us to sing “Wade in the water“, “Honor, honor, unto the dying lamb” or “Rock my soul at the bosom of Abraham” (I sang “rock my soul at the bosom of my baby” because I had my first hot teenage love in that year). Never I will forget that experience:  to be a lead singer of a big spiritual group (80 members), standing on the stage of a cinema (Residence Theater, Arnsberg). Now fifty years later (the founder Alvin Ailey died 1989) the “Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater” organizes a tour to Germany, Berlin, Hamburg. For sure my music teacher Dr. Bozetti would enjoy to see that performance again, but I don’t think that he is still alive. Nevertheless, I tried to write a tribute to Dr. Elmar Bozetti, Alvin Ailey – and the African American dance and music culture!

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12 responses to “Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater

  1. Interesting photo.I didn’t know the human body is so beautiful.


  2. What a wonderful post! I loved it. My favorite rendering of “Wade in the Water” is by Sweet Honey in the Rock. Years ago when I traveled a lot, I used to put Sweet Honey in the tape deck and belt the song out with them as I drove down the road. Loved it.


    • you mean:
      wade in the water:

      thank you for mentioning SWEET HONEY IN THE ROCK – didn’t know them before!
      I am actually very impressed now by

      and how’s about the Soweto Gospel Choir?


  3. What an amazing shot. You bring back old memories for me… taking dance classes at the Ailey School, Alvin would stop by some days and just stand and watch us dance. Then he would talk to our teacher. He was the most dignified and gracious man…. I was devastated when he passed away…


  4. but every time when I hear Ry Cooder I can’t sit still, I have to dance immediately:

    Jesus on the mainline …


  5. imagine how you could dance if you would – if no one could watch you, while listening to:

    sit down servant, I can’t sit down …


  6. Yes! We love, love, love Alvin Alley.
    Good post.


  7. stupendi video….


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  9. Aren’t they so beautiful!

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