Learning Languages

I nearly see no difference between letters from China and Japan :-)
1) ENGLISH (translated by frizztext):
1-love 2-come together 3-to seduce 4-to pine 5-to fall in love 6-sympathy 7-to dance 8-kissing hands 9-admirer 10-exuberant 11-goose bumps 12-passion 13-attractive 14-to flourish 15-to allow
related: https://flickrcomments.wordpress.com/2011/03/10/love-words/

united types of newspapers by Frizztext
united types of newspapers, a photo by Frizztext on Flickr.

2) CHINESE translation by YENTHEN www.flickr.com/people/yenthen/

1 愛 2 物以類聚 3 誘惑 4 渴望 5 相戀 6 同理心 7 舞 8 吻手禮 (華人無此習俗) 9 愛慕者 10 繁茂/豐富 11 悸動 12 激情/熱誠 13 嫵媚/動人 14 興旺 15 容許

3) JAPANESE translation by Jon www.flickr.com/people/ashura666/

1-愛 2-集まる 3-誘惑 4-切望 5-恋 6-共感 7-踊る 8-手にキス 9-賛美者 10-熱狂 11-うずき 12-情熱 13-魅力的 14-栄える 15-許す

7 responses to “Learning Languages

  1. There is a difference though…


  2. I don’t see a difference either but I also could not tell you what one single Chinese or Japanese character translates to in English. I do know that the letters (characters) are beautiful and seem so artistic.


  3. Japanese kanji came from China in the past.
    We changed the letter to use more easily.


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