Bankrupt – how houses die

In the suburban areas of big cities, global, you can watch how houses die.
The photographer Thomas Lieser, Vienna, made some series

3nautica4Cafe Flamingo

all photos by Thomas Lieser / onkel_wart, Vienna, Austria

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10 responses to “Bankrupt – how houses die

  1. The sad aspect about this is mostly that along with the small shops these areas die as well. Life is reduced to a “sleeping place for inner city dwellers”. I also guess that shops like these will produce jobs for more people than the big chain stores. I think politicians should change the policies regarding small business and give them something of a headstart to help them survive and maybe even revive.

    Thanks for the reference, thomas


  2. Even in my area, the virus that’s killing these houses ( loss of job, evil mortgage interests, credit card scams) are all over the place. It’s a pandemic gone crazy and uncontrolled. How to stop it. Not sure but one way probably is to get rid of the source of viruses like bad debts, ridiculous price homes, find another job, etc. great post!


  3. That’s sad.These buildings look crying.


  4. My neighborhood is very sad like this. Mostly because the owners have become too old and frail to take care of their homes and businesses so they sit and decay. My area still has a lot of money coming in so the cost of the properties have skyrocketed in the last year, which means taxes are unrealistic. The prices are making the long time owners have to sell to developers because they can no longer afford the taxes.


  5. The saddest part is that when the tiny, unique stores close, the chain stores; clinical and boring take over the spaces… 😦


  6. Dear Sir!
    I have a new blog “European Scientist” with
    Best wishes
    Nikolay Kotev


  7. Freedom, by the way

    Close your eyes and imagine how they used to be. Colorful! Energetic! Smiling!


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