hat - shoes - boxes

In our storage we collect some things, high heels, books, photos – and via my daily blog archive at 2011/06/ I try to collect my ideas; online cloud: I hope no fire or earthquake can destroy my archive there …

always a problem of storage: me, fingerpicking my guitar;
I’ve chosen to use a youtube channel “frizzguitar”:

sorry to say, that there are so much better musicians in the world, for example Suzy Boguss
with “Eat at Joe’s” – why to make music for your own, if there are so much better musicians actually on the globe?

About frizztext

writer, photographer, guitarist

7 responses to “Storage

  1. I agree with you.I hope my ideas will not lose.


  2. Nothing lasts forever, yet I hate losing possessions and especially sentimental items. Thanks for visiting my blog and subscribing. I have visited your blog before but I did not leave a comment. You have a great blog I have had a look at quite a few of your photos 🙂


  3. And a secondary storage…say on a portable HD, just in case, right?
    Great photo.


  4. great picture….glad I inspired you 😉


  5. Nice shoes… 😉


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