Five years ago I joined the photo pool – my first upload: these honeymooners above, cat with dog. 12,793 views in the meantime and 202 comments! What to say? Result after five years? Have trust to join the world wide web communities! It is a positive way to do so!!!
It was my first picture ever taken wit a digital camera, a Canon PowerShot A_700 (after our analog Minolta with 36mm KODAK-film suddenly had been demolished): I stopped my car, driving to Liberchies (Django Reinhardt guitar festival), Belgium, as I discovered those two pets in a window, looking down to the street, sadly fenced in, no way out. I was glad to be free …
I was inspired to this post by Elizabeth Obih-Frank and her article at wordpress: inspiration-five-years-from-now

Portrait of Django Reinhardt, Aquarium, New Yo...

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4 responses to “Trust

  1. It’s a superb photo frizztext; just look at the expressions on their faces. Bet they wished they were free too!


  2. A agree, I’m very impressed myself.


  3. Thank you for the shout-out Frizztext! I still love that photo; it makes me smile.
    I gave you a shout-out on my music post tonight too. 🙂


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