title=”BIPOLARITE”, composition by Tuxedofeline sent to my flickr group BLOG IT!
Two parts are fighting in me, a bright daylight part and a dark nightmare part. I do not how to make bridges between them, how to link one to each other. Even my guitar playing is divided …

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18 responses to “Bipolar

  1. i relate to the two parts fighting and not being able to find a bridge to integrate. who am i today? sometimes it is hard to keep up with myself. nice to find others who speak this language.


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  3. I don’t like it, I love it! It’s really good 🙂 I think I might need to give you a spot on my blog.


  4. Oh boy, are you okay or is that a metaphor for something else? The picture of two cats is frightening and yet inviting.
    We are all bipolar; to some degree… Our light and dark sides always shoving each other for center stage.
    I like this new template Frizztext. How are you? 😦


    • thanks for your sorrowful asking, Eliz, but with a little help of my friends I hope I will stay O.K.; better to be grabbed by EHEC; maybe an artist needs bridges to bright and dark fragments as well. If a writer has no fears to kill in his soul, why to write at all?


  5. comment to my new template STRUCTURES:
    I’ve chosen this new template STRUCTURES now, because it supports better than the old “The Morning After” theme my goal, not to forget old articles. My aim is to find older articles very fast. It cannot be, that only the last written words are the best of all. The archive of the STRUCTURES template also allows to add little photos 100×100 to a short handmade EXERPT …


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  7. Love your post. I’ve been diagnosed bipolar for more than thirty years, of which I spent 20 in denial. Worked hard over the last ten to bring about healing in myself and family. Mixed results…but isn’t that the nature of the beast? Dark, light, up, down and sideways.

    So I published a book last year, View from the Rollercoaster (available at Amazon) and have blogs at, http://www.ladyinthepew, and http://www.bipolarbylines. Each can be considered 1) a resource or 2) artistic license or 3) total self-indulgence. It’s yet another line to walk, another balance to consider, another dangerous and/or delightful outlet. We choose daily.

    BTW, I’m a musician as well, though not at all in your league! Finally, in this long comment, I invite you to go to any of my sites and comment if you wish to have this excellent blog listed as a resource in I just started it. Best wishes, Tracy.


  8. Tracy Chapman always goes under my skin!


  9. R.I.P. Amy Winehouse


  10. the happy version of Chet Atkins and Mark Knopfler:



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