5 top May topics

5 top topics of the last 30 days:

Cucumbers – Ehec epidemic 496
Excerpt: Cucumbers (or maybe tomatoes or green salad) seem to be the reason for the deadly bacterium EHEC epidemic in Germany. Super-Markets now banned all cucumbers. It’s absurd. It’s like you follow the advice to eat tons of carrots all life long to stay well eyes-sighted. And then you can’t see anything sharp. All Germans ate cucumbers to stay healthy – and now many of them got this dangerous EHEC virus.

Father’s Day = Vatertag in Germany 261
castle mentality...
When I was a student, Monsignore Dr. Schwegmann, working for the Pope in Rome, gave me a room in his villa, where he lived with a housekeeper and a donkey.

A New Newton 143
SELF    (tribute to HN)
Excerpt: Helmut Newton is dead. “Pinobarile” / Alberto – a Flickr photographer from Milano, Italy, he is alive, he could become the new Newton. In 2009 Alberto shot some photo series for the Playboy, Italian edition, Helmut Newton 30 years before …

Weekly Photo Challenge: Tiny 110
how to concentrate, forgetting time?
Excerpt: With great respect I hold in my hands this old TINY SUMMARY / resume, a Nautilus … – aged 30.000 years? Seems to be a metaphor for concentration, reflection, summary of a life-time etc. – maybe visualizing a DNA, some experiments made by GOD (who believes) etc.

International Children’s Day 97
Checking the Radioactivity:東電福島第一原発事故
June 1st is celebrated in some countries as the International Children’s Day. All children in Japan or Africa, South America or India, Arabian Nations or Scandinavia should have a chance to be happy …

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2 responses to “5 top May topics

  1. What a lovely surprise! I like this template too… Are you keeping this or will you try another one? 🙂


    • I’ve chosen this new template STRUCTURES now, because it supports better than the old “The Morning After” theme my goal, not to forget old articles. My aim is to find older articles very fast. It cannot be, that only the last written words are the best of all. The archive of the STRUCTURES template also allows to add little photos 100×100 to a short handmade EXERPT …


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