Cappuccino break with guitar

Last-Dance photo
photo above by my wife Barbara for Frizztext
photo below, a version composed by my Italian friend Prof. Luigi Frappi,
who suggests red wine, not cappuccino:
Luigi Frappi

photo and video by Frizztext

I like to write and to make photos – but as well I like to play a little bit guitar when I have my daily cappuccino break. I hope this video clip can help you also to relax and to forget some sorrows at least for 90 seconds …

my efforts were featured in a blog …
more about the blogger seycen / Elaine Seery:
compare my video “House of the RISING SUN”


and I found on youtube a version by The Platters together with Roy Buchanan, the great guitarist (who made suicide…)

a friend of mine, the classical concert guitarist Andrey Slilov from Ukraine, played on my red Gibson guitar, nylon stringed too, TAKE FIVE, just for fun and by heart, not in his repertoire usually, just waiting for breakfast:

Andrey Shilov - Musician

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writer, photographer, guitarist

18 responses to “Cappuccino break with guitar

  1. Pajarillo57

    So, you are imitating my break with a cup of coffee shooted by yourself…


    • Andrey Shilov - Musician
      yes, Andrey, you smiled so wonderful with your cup of cappuccino, heaving a break!
      in the same moment in Duisburg 21 died during a LOVE PARADE disco festival compare
      we preferred not to visit Duisburg on that bloody Saturday; 1 million on a location with space for only 200.000. We stayed home – with one guitar only – and three cappuccini!
      you played on my red Gibson guitar, nylon stringed, too, do you remember?

      Take five …


  2. Pajarillo57

    Yes friend, it’s good we didn’t go there, moreover, it was an event for “special’ people but we don’t belong to them, thanks God!
    Of course, I remember trying all your guitars which are so interesting. I hope I come this July again and we’ll have a chance to repeat all this including Cappuccino!


  3. I can barely hold myself back from it: I am on green tea, and yerba mate, but I so much crave a turkish cafea. I’ll make one right after I finish this lines.

    Thanks Frizz, good idea all around!


  4. Very entertaining frizztext, I really enjoyed listening to you play.


  5. What can be more perfect that a delicious Cappuccino with guitar and cool music to go with it. I like your rendition of Last Dance. Well performed Frizz.


  6. I’ll have a cup too. πŸ™‚


  7. Very relaxing post.


  8. Like

  9. Wow. Your friend Andrey is quite something. I just listened to some of his other recordings on youtube. The one called Melancolia made me stop breathing to listen to it (fortunately it’s not 20 minutes long,and i have survived the experience) :0)


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