Houses like ships

houses like ships – cruising through the history of cities
compare my comment to some houses in Japan,
or compare some photos made by maistora = in UK,
or be amused by some examples in Germany (photos by myself) –
I’m sure, in your hometown also some buildings are like ships
cruising through an ocean of bricks and concrete …
the following two photos (1+2) by maistora:
Flatiron Zig+Big ship coming
the next examples, below, photos 3+4 by Frizztext:
Bonjour Tristesse - Good Morning Blues+house-bow, plowing through the sky
3) Berlin, Kreuzberg, Schlesische Straße 7, Falckensteinstraße 4 – building “Bonjour Tristesse”, architect: Alvaro Siza, built between 1981 and 1984
4) like the bow of a ship this abandoned warehouse in my hometown is still plowing through the sky, dividing the floating clouds … architect: emil fahrenkamp, 1885-1966, buildings: the shell house in Berlin – and this one in my hometown Wuppertal; he was a professor, teaching in Duesseldorf, Germany

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3 responses to “Houses like ships

  1. Living at the seashore, we have many houses that look like ships. They even have railings just as you would see on a large ship–even the outdoor lighting fixtures are the same. I’m really not fond of the style–to each his own, right? I still like the little seaside cottages.


  2. I love the shapes of those houses. 🙂


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