Greek Euro Crisis

Greek Euro+money

photos by Frizztext

Greece has a big financial crisis – and so whole Europe (supporting the Euro) has the crisis too. Once the Greek philosopher Epicurus wrote 2.000 years ago: “A free live is not able to acquire much money , because this is not easy to get without being serviceable to the rich or the mediocre people …” Greek lifestyle today still means: don’t work too much, retire early, enjoy the sun and the sail-ships, the islands, the wine … – so Europe has to pay and help those lifestyle icons to keep the head above the water-line. The working class heroes do their duty in Northern Europe, where the rain rules, not the sun. As a “thank you”: 14 days every year they are allowed to make some holidays at the Mediterranean coastal lines; it seems, it is a battle between European nations, who has to work and who is allowed to enjoy life. North Europe works (in Germany they retire aged 67), South Europe (often retire aged 50) enjoys to have some sunny days …

Mediterranean meal time+Epicurus

photos by Frizztext

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15 responses to “Greek Euro Crisis

  1. I’ll take that breakfast plate with the food on it… Talk later πŸ˜‰


    • caroline

      hmm, when i read your article, i thought the following; the average life expectancy in Germany is 80,9 i read on the internet, and in Greece it’s 82,6. They enjoy the sun and warmth even longer than the northern countries enjoy the rainy days. So they are clever in a way, they choose the lifestyle that suits them and the climate best, the ‘take it easy’ lifestyle, while the northern countries work. And yet, they only have to deal with the northern people 14 days a year πŸ˜‰


      • in the U.S. many move, if retired, to Florida or California; maybe North European should overflood the South – while African immigrants fill up the empty places in the North? Observing my cat, I think, I can learn a lot from her lifestyle; often purring in a small piece of sunlight, falling on a pillow…


  2. I spent a good few summers working in the Greek Islands for a number of small British travel companies in the 80’s and 90’s. The Greek way of life is slow and relaxing and I must say I enjoyed my time. However if you need to get something done it takes forever [unless it makes them money]. The only time they seem to be in a hurry, is if you put them behind the wheel of a car. For me the Greeks will go back to the Drachma, they wanted the Euro as they thought it would make there money more valuable. However they will prefer less work and less currency value.


    • they are wild car drivers, yes! I liked to have some rides on a donkey there. I enjoyed to have holidays in Greece and I am sad, that they often do not manage things very well. for example only 1 only vet on santorini for 100 donkeys, 1000 lonesome street dogs, 2000 cats …; the airport of santorini: only one little toilet for hundreds of passengers – long line in front of the toilet door. never seen such a situation. that’s not good: to earn much via tourists but doing no good management for the tourists. Santorini. for sure better on your island Cypern, Kreta?


  3. May be that’s way I would like to visit Greece, where the tempo is “allegro ma non tropo”.

    Thanks Frizztext!


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