The Picnic Project

Some decades ago, people, resting on public places were argued to be homeless or beggars or prostitutes and so on.
But actually in Europe it is an accepted lifestyle to avoid restaurants with waiters and high prices.
Public places belong to the people, why not to sit down there and have a break for a while.
Talking with friends, making music, having a drink. Or simply read a book or make a phone call, enjoying the sunshine.
Not fenced in a bureau all life long. Especially in summertime it is hard to sit at a table 8 hours a day.
Thanks God, there are certain jobs, you can do with a handy phone or a PC in a public park or down by the riverside.
Back to the life animals always prefered. A part of us is an animal too. The “longing-for-a-picnic“-part of our soul.

6 more picnic photos by frizztext:
1 – no picnic today
2 – up to roof-top picnic
3 – picnic in the rain
4 – picnic for all
5 – picnic for four friends
6 – tiger’s picnic
1Honeymooners2roof-climbing3raining cats & dogs...4happy METROPOLIS54 jackdaws longing for fried potatoes6Z = ZOO (Tiger's pool is like green soup)
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3 responses to “The Picnic Project

  1. Wolfgang Hermann

    hi frizz
    war auch dort, aber leider zu einer anderen zeit
    lg wolfgang


  2. Very nice… who are your companions? By the way, how are you enjoying Twitter? 😉


    • I like to reduce a message, to minimalize – but I don’t know, if twitter supports my wordpress-blog. at least twitter sometimes delivers good topics for my own writing. I’m connected to some news magazines and philosophy-pages …


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