International Children’s Day

Checking the Radio Activity:被爆
Checking the Radio Activity:被爆 – uploaded by love_child_kyoto (from the Mainichi Newspaper) and sent to my group BLOG IT!
June 1st is celebrated in some countries as the International Children’s Day. All children in Japan or Africa,
South America or India, Arabian Nations or Scandinavia should have a chance to be happy …

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Checking the Radio Activity:被爆
International Children’s Day
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6 more photos sent to my group BLOG IT:
1 – The Indifference by Annamaria Kaiser
2 – Egypt Revolution by dimios_
3 – Saturday Morning by Will Wilson
4 – India, Mysore / Karnataka by Dietmut Tejgeman-Hansen
5 – The Muhacaona doll – Angola by Eric Lafforgue
6 – traditional cleansing of former child soldier by Lindsay Stark
1The Indifference2Egypt Revolution3Saturday Morning4bedrijvigheid op Chamundi hills / activity at Chamundi hills5The Muhacaona doll - Angola6traditional cleansing of former child soldier

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10 responses to “International Children’s Day

  1. Amen to that celebration… 🙂


  2. annamaria

    Thanks for this my friend

    ———-The number of children in the world that have lost their mother or father, are parentless, or have been abandoned…now exceeds 143 million. (—————


  3. In Japan children’s day is 5th May.
    This photo breaks my heart.
    I hope children will not be affected five years after.


    responsibility of the youth – and the elder, experienced human beings:
    to work together – using wordpress and twitter, youtube and flickr
    to change the political conditions toward more democracy and freedom …


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  6. second search after a BBC report about the Okawa School disaster
    classes stayed one hour waiting in line on the school yard, while teachers were discussing what to do.
    survivers: only one teacher who climbed up the hill located directly beside the school yard
    – and a few pupils, caught out off the waiting line by their mothers, drove away with their private cars.
    there was time enough for all to go up hill!
    but the dialogs between the teachers lasted too long!


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