Colors And Emotions

What are colors doing with our emotions? Imagine you would live in a completely black painted room with black furnitures. All people there dressed black. Anticipate the same with red, green, yellow, blue: Would your emotions change after a week in such a room?


G. C. Lichtenberg, 1742 – 1799) wrote: “Was für einen Effekt würde es nicht auf mich haben, wenn ich einmal in einer ganz schwarz behangenen großen Stube, wo auch die Decke mit schwarzem Tuch beschlagen wäre, und bei schwarzen Fußteppichen, schwarzen Stühlen und schwarzem Canapee, in einem schwarzen Kleide bei einigen wenigen Wachskerzen sitzen müsste und von schwarz gekleideten Leuten bedient würde?” [F 322]

yellow tulips field – photo also by Mighty Maik / Maik Keizer, The Netherlands
sent to my group BLOG IT!

Rolling Stones, PAINT IT BLACK at youtube

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10 responses to “Colors And Emotions

  1. Very lovely! 🙂


  2. Great looking tulips…


  3. Those photos are stunning and if I was in a place with the same color for two days I would go nuts. In the winter here in NY everything seems to be a shade of gray, the people, the buildings, the sky…it’s really depressing.


  4. How impressive! I also like Netherlands.
    Thank you for sharing.


  5. Interesting to speculate.

    Love the photographs. Very nice!


  6. Yes, I remember these… gorgeous! 🙂


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