Tea Party – Slavery – History

too much whites
“TOO MUCH WHITE” – photo by frizztext

The Tea Party of Tennessee fears, that the image of the Founding Fathers could be damaged, if the kids can read in school books about slavery. They want to remove those chapters. I remember: God created the world. Therefore no Charles Darwin existed and no theory of evolution. Why knowledge, if faith is more important? Let’s get stupid and silly as seen in Arabian nations, where the words of Mecca-believers are more important than any science and modern education.


2 responses to “Tea Party – Slavery – History

  1. To change information by revising history books is ridiculous. I don’t get that at all…
    Sorry Frizztext, I don’t believe science and education are not important in Arab countries, they are, and so is their faith…


  2. It is like walking on the thin ice.
    There is though a global thing, close to this everywhere.


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