Stormy Weather

raining cats & dogs...
photo shot in Venice, Italy, by frizztext
The blogger Elizabeth Obih-Frank writes about this topic:
Cold, wet weather makes me reflective,
while bright, sunny weather
makes me active and eager to go outdoors.
Both are important to my writing …
read more of her reflections at Reflections: Stormy Weather and Good Times… | Mirth and Motivation;
she also set some links to youtube: of course there are many versions of the song STORMY WEATHER
BUT I am surprised, that I liked her quiet writing
more than the many Divas singing “Stormy Weather”;
maybe I filmed too many pop music and jazz
and rock stage acts during the last month …

sometimes I feel over-flooded by music;
music like thunder and storm, hurricane and tornado;
too much electricity used on modern stages; loud as on doomsday!
What a hell of noise sometimes!

Then I remember the days, when I sat in my garden,
writing in a little book and the only noise
came from a butterfly and the cat,
napping, purring by my side:

About frizztext

writer, photographer, guitarist

2 responses to “Stormy Weather

  1. Beautifully written piece here… Thank you Frizztext; you add to my joy as a blogger! 🙂


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