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My way
title=”My way” by foxysangels143, on Flickr

If the shots were made in Florida or Paris or anywhere – one thing is really sure: We can find in the photo-stream of foxysangels143 a wonderful homage to female beauty. Maybe it is only the extraordinary model, but I think maybe 50% of the success factor is the stylish concept, which make us stumble: the pure black and white minimalism, the concentration on one person in one apartment, always painting with available light, floating through a window nearby. Many groups invited these artworks, many comments are adoring the results of this concept: We are richer, sharing these ideas – and for me they are the perfect interpretation of the term “AMAZING GRACE”: I would like to create a slide-show, featuring me playing this old gospel on my guitar – combined with a “best-of” foxysangels – though: we never will have a “best-of”: I’m glad, that foxysangels seems to upload a never ending story …

please shoot !!!
title=”please shoot !!! by foxysangels143, on Flickr
I’ve used several photos of “foxysangels143” (by her kind permission) for some of my articles:

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6 responses to “Foxysangels – testimonial

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  2. related
    they play with my guitar:


  3. foxysangels

    I thanks you soo much for appreciating my work !! and for this homage !! I feel proud and honored


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