Finding My Voice via Reflective Blogging

my first typewriter
title=”my first typewriter” photo by FrizzTextFrizztext

Josette LeBlanc wrote at tokenteach“When I think back on when I first started blogging, I am amazed at the changes I’ve gone through. It’s hard to pinpoint if I changed because of my blog, or if I changed alongside my blog. No matter what the case may be, I’ve changed…” (Erica Johnson re-posted Josette LeBlanc in her THE DAILY POST-BLOG)

Quotation via the PRESS THIS-function: Finding My Voice via Reflective Blogging | Throwing Back Tokens | The Daily Post at

frizz-comment: writing, feedbacks, ranking of topics: change us! I analyze which topics get more comments: political, personnel, art, psychology, philosophy, photography, movie or book reviews, writing in different styles: ironical, metaphorical, pathetically etc.

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5 responses to “Finding My Voice via Reflective Blogging

  1. Josette

    Thank you so much for quoting my blog post! I love the picture you chose to go along with it. There are so many various ways to post and share blogs. This is my first time experiencing the PRESS THIS function.

    I noticed that you quoted my quote as being written by Erica Johnson. She actually re-posted it. Would you mind modifying that to say Josette LeBlanc? Here is the original post:

    I love the photographic/dictionary theme to your blog. Inspirational. And where are those houses in your header from? Very cool.

    Happy blogging!


    • thanks for inspiring, Josette – and beg your pardon, that I didn’t notice, that YOU are the author of the post, not Erica Johnson. Of course I changed the intro of my post to make this clear …
      your frizz, Germany


      • Josette

        Thank you Frizz!

        I am really curious about how you combine flickr and other blogs to create your own blog. I have so much to learn about this new medium.

        I love that you celebrate other bloggers.

        Josette, Korea 🙂


  2. Great way to look upon the change one’s undertake, altogetherm, body and mind.


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