Ben Visbeek – testimonial

Ben Visbeek is for me a sort of a “James Bond of the photography”! Though working as a Cost Controller for a worldwide leading manufacturer of construction equipment in Amsterdam, he has time enough to notice and explore the world with his camera. The Flickr-community can be glad, that he is kind enough to upload his results: So we all can share his trips from whale watching to parachute-gliding, from wheat fields to coastal lines…

Four more photos by Ben Visbeek, originally uploaded at, also sent to my group BLOG IT:
Paragliding along the Aurlandfjords+The fluke of a whale as it dives
Wheat Field with Crows 2008+High waves hit coastline of Skye
photos of Ben Visbeek were used (by his kindly permission) in my articles about

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7 responses to “Ben Visbeek – testimonial

  1. Thank you Dietmar~!



  2. Gorgeous photography!


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