Cosmopolite Feeling


“What We Focus on, Becomes Our Reality” – read in the Blog of Elizabeth at … – well I put my focus on daily writing and stabilizing motivation (and identity): A “thank you” to some friends, who noticed, that I didn’t write the last two days. No worry, I’m not ill: We took a trip to the ocean to focus on the term “Weltbürger” = Cosmopolite. Made some photos in the Netherlands, had some global feelings, still searching for words – like a turtle …

photo left: Late in the evening;
ship: BBC ANGLIA, leaving Vlissingen late in the evening – 21:08
photo below: Early in the morning …
ship: “HAPPY FELLOW”, leaving Vlissingen, The Netherlands – 07:28
photos by Frizztext

my point of view, watching the ships passing by:
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4 responses to “Cosmopolite Feeling

  1. Thank you for the supportive feedback… I enjoy your blog and I know how prolific you are… We all notice when you don’t write your blog. 🙂


  2. Beautiful ships. By the way I like the german word for cosmopolitan (worldly City, city of the world, yes?). Great photos.


  3. citizen of world = Welt-Bürger


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