New Blue Chair Blues

A house in our neighborhood will be sold. Owners are gone. On the street waiting, abandoned: some trash and this old chair. We saved him, brought him into our home. Had to rest on him, fingerpicking a little blues, will call that the NEW BLUE CHAIR BLUES …

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some friends, kidding me, like to call me HOWLIN’ FRIZZ (related to HOWLIN’ WOLF), but more than him I adore JOHN LEE HOOKER:

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8 responses to “New Blue Chair Blues

  1. Nothing better than true acoustic blues!


  2. Vor einigen Jahren hab ich bei Rossmann so einen 20(30?)-CD-Pack Blues gekauft … Ich muß ihn mal wieder ausgraben.

    Danke für den Anstoß!


  3. Yeah, great music:
    There is a lot of soul in his soul:, I like this one, the older I become, the it gets. Thanks.

    I’ll check your youtube channel.


  4. yes, me dilettante on youtube too of course …
    my channel is
    enjoy 🙂


  5. me, with friends in my home:


  6. Nice… Now you and John can play the guitar together… 🙂


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