Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin – originally uploaded by david haggard

Some in the United States do not like Charles Darwin. Too much science in his brain? They prefer creationism and other things, not very related to reason. And what is about Sathyanarayana Raju? Million of admirers. The Baghwan (he died aged 84 on April 24th in Puttaparthi) fetched by magic flowers, water from the Ganges or clocks. And now we have “Teacher WANG” – view DOOMSDAY May 11th – he says doomsday will come on 11th May. Help me Darwin, should I believe this?

I like the DARWIN portrait painted by Leonardo da Vinci (?)
as seen at Darwin by Leonardo da Vinci found at

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11 responses to “Charles Darwin

  1. I think it is best for us to go on with our lives and not focus too much on the nay-sayers and their predictions. 🙂


  2. And happy anniversary of your arrival in the Galápagos Islands when you were young and suffered from sea sickness


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  4. It is a great portrait. Not sure who did it either…I should look that up…it’s a photo, right?


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