Leaders without ethics

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We have to compare the ethic (or non-ethic) of the political leaders in Tunisia and Egypt, Bahrain and Yemen, Libya and Syria. After all those street fights, population vs. government, government vs. population, we could notice, in this Arab conflict between religion and politics, between arrogance of power in the golden palaces vs. the enthusiastic cry for liberty of the crowds in the mosques: It would be good, if all (especially the comfortable situated leaders) would act with dignity, on a certain civilized level of ethic. But they too often do not …

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Flag of Syria

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Flag of Syria, as a tribute to all those who protest on the streets against a cruel government, sending killers vs. the own population – and blocking all information paths, for example handy-phone-networks. The world is not allowed to watch and comment those cynical oppression …

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8 responses to “Leaders without ethics

  1. Frizztext, I posted this comment on Elizabeth’s posting after reading your comment. So I thought I’d repeat it here.
    I like your comparsions. It made think of the ongoing battle between the leaders of the Democratic and Republican parties here in the states. Some like Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont and Congressmen Paul Ryan are certainly using their powers to help (Sanders) and dismantle (Ryan) elements of our society. Then there is the EPA (protectors of the environment) versus the big oil companies, or the non profit community organizations pitted against the global corportations. The list goes on…..


    • yes, of course we can find not only examples in Arabian countries but also in China or Russia, or in our own countries: your USA or my Germany. And if we analyze history: lots of stuff. “The beasts are the governments” commented the philosopher Nietzsche. Yes, so the individuals have to learn some civil disobedience, as Thoreau said …


  2. I think that comment belongs to all leaders in the world… Every nation has corrupt elements within it and none can claim to be supremely righteous let alone ethical.


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  5. Jackie Paulson

    I agree with Eliz, all nations are corrupt.


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