Global Warming Warning

Global Warming

Global Warming photo via Frizztext
“Now I can look at you in peace; I don’t eat you any more.”
– Franz Kafka, novelist (1883-1924) [while admiring fish in an aquarium]

Global warming results: Save the lighthouses! Carry them on hills! If not, soon they will be over-flooded and surrounded by fishes… (just as my goldfish JIM is demonstrating for you!) P.S.: read my article ALARMISM – by the way: my climate change document (featuring my goldfish Jim on tour) has been visited 11.129 times in the flickr photo pool – since February the 4th of 2007 I am warning, long before any Tsunami surprised us!
About my goldfishes Jim and Joana: After I saw the movies “Free Willy!” and the cartoon film “Finding Nemo“, I decided to let them escape out off my fish-tank. So they used their chance to swim directly to the North Atlantic. But I fixed a web-cam on the back of Joana, Jim’s wife…

the bridge
another example for the risks of global warming:
one city in Italy is already flooded,
they built bridges everywhere
to reach their houses without getting wet legs …

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Mean surface temperature change for the period...

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9 responses to “Global Warming Warning

  1. Boy, for a moment I thought Nemo was a real fish… LOL! :-)
    Happy weekend!


  2. barb19

    I am honoured to know that my dolphin post gave you the inspiration for this post!


  3. Jackie Paulson Author

    Outstanding post, I really need to do more research on this topic as you have covered it so well. Yes, we are (in my opinion) in a global warming: as our climate is changing and we all see and feel it and know it. Thanks


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