Music forbidden

no musica
title=”no musica” photo by kilometro 00, on Flickr,
sent to my group Blog it!
other photos of kilometro 00 / Enrico Colussi,
Treviso, Italy, in my article
Down to ground zero

More than about money nowadays we are glad about feedbacks, about the time, someone gives to us, noticing us. I don’t know, why for musicians it seems to be harder to have success than for writers or photographers. Watch all those poor street musicians: no one will notice them! Are they doing the wrong things? Should they disappear from the streets and hide in the desert?

compare: classical concert guitarist Giancarlo Rado

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6 responses to “Music forbidden

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  2. I enjoy street performers. Sadly where I live there are none. You have to pay admission to enjoy one.


  3. May be they are interested to take some Sax lessons, may they spell the name of the instrument wrong… May they want to hire him to teach their children. MAy be only the municipal employees are allowed to play music, and everything else. May be we just aren’t so good at choosing our public servants. Or may be they never cared for music as they were skipping school for the cazino. One thing is for sure: Where music has no stage, people look sumber, unfriendly, heartless. Brrrr…. Is’t cold out there…


  4. It’s easier for some to make money on the street than compete for fewer gigs in a bar… but it’s a good question.


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