Kitchen Seasons

Now we have Easter Sunday, but I still remember me, playing on my guitar “Silent Night” on Christmas. Today eggs are on our kitchen table. Easter Rites. Don’t know why. Rooms, especially a kitchen, have their seasons too. “Come on in my kitchen” – that are the lyrics of an old blues standard by Robert Johnson. Sol Lang even made some nude portrait sessions in his kitchen …
above: SOL-Eggs, put them two days into salty water, then divide the hard egg in the middle splitting the yellow half and half, pull out the yellow, put into the hole vinegar (balsamico) and oil, put the yellow half (as a hat) back to the place, mouth wide open – enjoy!
all photos by frizztext, the two videos by Barbara

caring for the kids+December Kitchen
cupboard+D = Dog (ignoring cats)
calendar+Red Cat Blue
kitchen panorama

I call our kichen after my wife’s name: BARBARA’s RESTAURANT …
of course the two videos were made by her, while I was playing my guitar …

9 responses to “Kitchen Seasons

  1. I love Easter colors and eggs. :-)
    Happy Easter!


  2. Your music inspired me. :smile:


  3. Your kitchen is colorful and lovely. What a nice place to cook and be at home.
    Happy Easter


  4. Your kitchen looks so cozy and homey! The cat’s the best part of it. He (she?) looks adorable! Also, the quality of the pictures is excellent. If you don’t mind me asking, what camera did you use to take them? Thanks!


  5. Wolfgang Hermann

    sehr gemnütliche küche
    lebendig und bunt
    sher persönlich und einmalig
    ich habe eine küche mit essplatz in einer nische mit eckbank
    hier spielt sich das leben ab und jeder nimmt aktiv oder passiv an der hzubereiktung des essens teil

    schöne feiertage dir und deiner familie und den lieben viechern
    :-)) wolfgang


  6. marina

    love the cat on the chair and the eggs in the water


  7. Melanie

    ‘Come on in my kitchen….one of my favorite Robert Johnson tunes!!! Happy Easter day!


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