León Ferrari, Biennale 2007

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Sculpture of León Ferrari, Biennale 2007, Venice, criticizing modern crusaders’ missions

+++ frizz-comment: no way out of Iraq (disaster of foreign affairs), crisis of the US financial markets – dead end for many conceptions (health care) of US politics?

0 – comment by chimpdachimp: Fuck, these people who made the decisions, these are the people who we (in this case the Americans), vote into office to goven us. Donald Rumsfeld should be made to serve a tour dressed in a tutu & given water pistol.

1 – ScottMGS: I recently saw a bumper sticker that would go with this: WWJB – Who would Jesus bomb?

2 – Alejandra: the question is not, who would Jesus bomb, but what the people do in the name of God…

3 – kjatexas: This one should get both sides of the political debate going. Do I detect a little gadfly in you Frizz? Unfortunately we don’t see any “political art” of Jihadists cutting the heads off of living human beings. Makes you wonder about the political leanings of this artist huh!? Perhaps someone will post a still of the Jihadist holding up Nicholas Berg’s severed head.

4 – Puka Inti: When the demonstration of his paintings and sculptures was in Buenos Aires I went. I had never seen such interesting and excellent work.

5 – photographer15: you dont care about who gets bombed , this symbolism is crap, you just dont like God , your putting the blame on God . you antichrist communist!

6 – Akbar Simonse: So now you are an antichrist communist? Welcome in the club, Frizztext / Dietmar! ;-))

7 – julianrod: this guy makes me a little proud of being an Argentinian. when he tried to show his works in Córdoba (a province of Argentina) some catholics tried to stop him. fortunately freedom of expression triumphed and those people weren’t able to intervene.

8 -NeilB’s Photography: I am not a political animal, I am quite ignorant mainly because of being a very non-gregarious manic depressive, who is fed up enough with babies dying in Africa of malnutrition, while we gorge ourselves into obesity & then go to weight watchers.. I watched a doc on the Iraq war, NO END IN SIGHT. Fuck, these people who made the decisions, these are the people who we (in this case the Americans), vote into office to goven us. Donald Rumsfeld should be made to serve a tour dressed in a tutu & given water pistol. Disbanding the army I am a total know-nothing & I was flabbergasted at the ineptitude of this decision. Human beings, DON’T underestimate our funtion to really screw things up. Oh yeah, the pic, good symbolism.

9 – emil11: I saw this in Sydney and I did not like it. Regardless of your convictions, to put Jesus on an airplane to prove a point seems extreme and unecessary to me. It is a violent image against violence that negates its own message.

10 – Denis Collette: …!!! You enlight the World…!!! #21 on Explore…!! CHAMPAGNE… PEANUTS… CHOCOLATE… ICE CREAM…!!! :))) Congratulations! Félicitation! Felicitazione! Felicitación! Glückwunsch! تهنئة 恭喜 Felicitação! Čestitke! Blahopřání! Gratulation! Felicitatie! Õnnitlus! Onnittelu! Συγχαρητήρια! כל הכבוד! Gratulálok! مبارکPowinszowanie! Felicitação! Честитке! Lyckönskningar! Поздравляю! Tebrikler! Поздравления! تبریک おめでとう Til lukku or til hamingju! Parabéns!

11 – anoopuknnath: dear this is very very bad image…. canu take this type phot ? this is cheap style…. pls dont reapt this like style/…. becuse u cannot improve photograpy… I canot seeing not theme this pitchure..what give us information from this ?

some comments please...

12 – Bart van Dijk (breeblebox): I think this is a very good work of art. At least it tells a story that should be told. To my point of view all major religions are in their intolerable existence responsable for most wars – and hence killings – in the world nowadays, in the past and will probably be in the future. Mohammed should be there flying as a wingmate to my humble opinion. So I disagree heavily with emil11. Besides this all, the way it provokes people means that this discussion is by far over and that’s exactly what it’s meant for. And yes, maybe it’s a bit too simplified here, but that is what people understand. They don’t listen to highly subtle philosophical ethics, or loose grip in 2 minutes.

13 – Thiophene_Guy: Your photography makes me think about design and artistry. The comments on the original image have me focusing on the viewer’s perspective. In the original square version, the upright sculpture is quickly perceived as analogous to a crucifix, becoming the center of attention. This image is more polished than the first but it seems to me that the focal point has changed. Turning the image 90 degrees, as in this image, allowed me to initially miss that connection and the text became the focus. With Pavlovian conditioning in mind I am wondering this: if the analogy is not quickly apparent will visitors be offended before critically appraising the subject?

14 – onkel_wart: I’m not sure whether I get the right idea behind it and whether I would like it or not. Not being a believer (in any god/dess) myself I’m not judging this from a religious point of view — but I think in the case of Iraq images like this — from any side, in any way and style — have overdone it. Well that is my point of view — and this means that I have thought about it — so yes, it’s thoughtprovoking.

15 – PHLB _ Luc B: This creation is an invitiation to think about religion and war. I can really imagine a lot of people are offended by such an invitation. On the other hand one could ask them: After all, with wars continuing, did Jesus die for no reason? Anyway it provokes you to think about it and is has a strong impact as an image… My personal opinion is that it is beyond the edge of good taste; provocation is not the best way to communicate, because communication is supposed to be bidirectional, not leaving the other person stunned …

16 – Starlisa: I can see various sides to this after reading the comments… my first reaction is more along the lines of emil11 , and I do agree with PHLB who made me examine it more deeply and certainly provokes thought and reaction.. I DID focus first on the text (and jet) and it was moments before I recognized the Christ on the plane… powerful artist, who certainly causes people to react from their gut, much more potent than a thousand words.

17 – Cracas: This is an American warplane with a name – Thunderchief – based on the native American mythology and a Jesus, so both slaughtered, although about the second one I can only guess. So US slaughtered the native Indians at home and then, as new world crusaders, went into this mission of spreading the word of Jes… ops I mean of the Big Companies… Hollywood was a good friend and the armed forces are the way to do it, but I can’t see Jesus on the equation. This appropriation it’s rather exaggerated. America doesn’t not do Holly Wars in a classic sense… their Gods are elsewhere and btw falling down at this precise moment… although they will be saved as usual. America’s good with their millionaires… only the poors are usually discarded. So, the Jesus crucified on a fighter-bomb it’s pretty provocative but this thing of mixing war and religion it’s more of European thing, I think… Americans it’s more “let’s show them who’s the boss here, who makes best barbecue sauce, who’s the best wife-beater, etc” and feed the weapons and testosterone industries. But,interesting piece of art… I’m sure caused discussions between ppl that saw it at the Biennale and still does now in the web between ppl from all around the world. Art with impact, triggering emotions… that’s the way to do it. And Dietmar, thanks for posting and starting this interesting debate.

18 – Jonathan James: This is surely commenting on how religions, and the extreme beliefs they engender in many adherants, are the main cause of wars and violence now. They always have been and probably will be. When will people realize that common sense dictates that there is no god, any deity is a construct of the human mind, invented for its own ignorant comfort or by one man to dominate another. Science will eventually teach us all that the idea of an omnipotent god is nonsense; no god can cater to all the inhabitants of planets of the100million stars in our own galaxy, never mind the other 100million galaxies we’ve discovered so far.

19 – cookiesound: it´s a very innovative idea, maybe you could send the picture to the Vatican, they could make postcards , and maybe convince some renegades……. i think this photo shows there is now another new era going on.

20 – message, sent via flickr-mail: Schmap Venice Fifth Edition: Photo Inclusion: Hi FrizzText, I am delighted to let you know that your submitted photo has been selected for inclusion in the newly released fifth edition of our Schmap Venice Guide: Venice Biennale http://www.schmap.com/venice/events_dorsoduro/

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below, photo by frizztext, political art too, I think: title=”National-Pride”

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9 responses to “Political-ART

  1. waitingforastart

    I think the fact that it causes such strong reactions even as a picture on the blog shows that the artist achieved his purpose. You’re not supposed to agree with every art piece that you see. It’s supposed to evoke emotions start a conversation.


  2. Boy oh boy! Frizztext, what new club did you join? The art is controversial and will trigger a lot of emotion form many quarters… With art, it helps to step back and not get caught up in the emotional backlash.
    Happy Easter!


  3. dialog about the last image with the title “NATIONAL PRIDE”:
    1 – geoffcquinn:
    Frizz, you’ve got yourself a Confederate Flag — which is pungent with meaning.
    2 – Frizztext
    trying (as a foreigner in far away Germany) to understand pungent = scharf, beißend = biting, sharp, an attack with guts? it’s a historical flag with no message to our present days? a red neck sign? a male macho god? a biker flag? simply great design and clear colors? related to Piet Mondrian or photorealism? sticker for racists? I really don’t know, though I see those stickers very often, in many cars with tuned machines and inside roaring music of the band Ramstein. I think I am too far away from those social peer groups to understand, what they like …


  4. Wow, Frizztext, this is a fantastic find. As an artist, I can relate to various artistic attempts which address political issues. And I always belived that we need to push the boundaries in our art when tackling complex issues such as war and religion. The two certainly go hand in hand more often than not. The image of the plane and the crucified Christ is a simple yet profound gesture at revealing the hyprocrisy found in both.
    Peace out.


  5. Wolfgang Hermann

    zuerst war ich beim titel skeptisch
    nun muß ich sagen :starke aussage
    :-)) wolfgang


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