ktwop in “The k2p blog” writes about what he calls (eco-) ALARMISM at a-lack-of-courage-in-environmentalism-today: “… a mish-mash of “do-gooders”, amateur scientists and cult members whose primary weapon has become an imposition of draconian measures for uncertain goals. A sort of eco-fascism …”
frizztext: maybe … on the other hand: do you know how expensive Chernobyl is now yearly and Fukushima will be? And the oil by BP in the Gulf of Mexico? Maybe they are not only eco-do-gooders but people with reason.
more about the “Fukushima-Hysteria” (so called by ktwop), the Tepco disaster, the Chernobyl money and the hope for safe nuclear power at

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15 responses to “Alarmism

  1. But cost is just money.
    My point is that “stopping nuclear” is the coward’s way out.
    The “courageous” way would be to develop safe nuclear power in spite of the fears. The fears would then be properly subordinated to the purpose.
    The Fukushima catastrophe will be expensive and will probably bring Tepco to bankruptcy but nobody has received a fatal dose of radiation.
    The Fukushima hysteria degrades the effects of the tsunami and denigrates the 28000+ lives that were lost


    • in Germany we have a strong anti-nuclear movement. Industry considers to earn money now with eco-technologies: windmills, waterfalls, sun-collectors, bio-gas – though our nuclear power plants are (mostly?) safe and far away from any tsunami danger at a coast line with many earthquakes …


  2. With all the arguments for & against nuclear power I am still undecided about it. I don’t think I would like to live near one though. I do wonder though about mankind using something like nuclear reactors that they don’t yet know how to fully control if something unexpectedly does go wrong. I still remain neutral in my opinion on the matter though as the for & against arguments both hold many valid points.


  3. You raise important points and the way I see it, better to have a mish mash of disparate voices keeping the topic in the news than no one saying anything at all. It’s a process…


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