Epicurus photo by Frizztext

I don’t need to read at about “The growth of inequality and class cleavage in the US, the UK, and other modern societies” by Professor Robert Putnam to notice, that there is something wrong with neo-capitalism and the lost of moral and socialism in modern societies. Europe more and more is divided between rich (Germany, France, Finland) and poor (Greece, Ireland, Portugal). Police riot troops fought versus demonstrators on the streets in Greece, UK and France. Bankers were supported with billions for their mistakes. They fetched the money for them by the low budget families. Cynicism.

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4 responses to “Inequality

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  2. I love that shot! It gives one a great vantage point to the sea… Quite relaxing too :-)
    The above is what I thought I typed but I see a bunch of letters never made the final cut. :-)


  3. hat shot… Give one a great vantage point to the sea… Quite relaxing too. :-)


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