I have had no pleasure with my parents (they put me into an orphanage immediately after birth) and not with religion (talking about things, which don’t exist), got no pleasure with being shy and submissive, following the doctrines of a Mahatma Gandhi (they will trample you down like a creeping worm). But I had much fun reading Friedrich Nietzsche, Immanuel Kant, Henri David Thoreau. I tried to develop my courage – so I understand, if someone makes a decision to revolt. But protesters should take care of themselves! Nietzsche said: “If you are staring too long in an abyss, the abyss stares back into you!” Yes, rage is dangerous for our inner balance, rage can spoil our soul, that wonderful well / fountain, deep inside of us, longing for to stay happy like a child all life long …)

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5 responses to “Abyss

  1. I could spend hours watching huge waves crashing over rocks & that photo is just amazing.


  2. I love watching waves too. Something calming about them and the sound is often soothing 🙂


  3. Wolfgang Hermann

    ja ja
    gestern standen wir noch am abgrund
    heute sind wir schon einen schritt weiter

    ungebĂĽhrlicher spass beri einem ernsten thema


    • nur mit ungebĂĽhrlichem Spass kann man der Trivialität des Gut-Menschentums entrinnen … – also: Danke, Wolfgang. Ich mag ĂĽbrigens Karl Kraus sehr, auch ein Ă–sterreicher.


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