In INDIA we have the “scheduled caste” of the UNTOUCHABLES or the Dalits. Of course law and administration are trying to work versus this old rites of discrimination. They established quotes to support those people avoiding racism. But ignoring the law and rules of modern democracies locals are still making trouble against the “untouchables”. INDIA has, after CHINA, the second largest population in the world. Sometimes wise leaders in the history and even in the present. Nevertheless we have to hope, that they succeed there to leave some low moral levels of medieval times.

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7 responses to “Untouchable

  1. Caste is a form of racism. It is in fact worse then racism because it believes that people are born unequal! The government has not enforced the anti-caste laws because it is political. See this article http://ritabanerjisblog.wordpress.com/2010/05/14/is-caste-indias-brand-of-racism/


  2. Yep… so the invisible people are truly global.


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