Anthropology: homo sapiens, homo erectus, homo ludens, homo faber, “cogito, ergo sum” = “I think, so I am” (Descartes) others shout: “I’m a believer” – there are many trials and errors, to find out the best term. A human being is an animal who likes to learn all life long – a very nice definition, found via a blogger, who lives in Sao Paulo, Brazil: giulas41.wordpress.com. I hope, that describes me too …

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7 responses to “LEARN

  1. Very Cool Frizz.




  2. I’m glad to see Japanese in this photo.


    • yes, it must be something about the Johann Sebastian Bach inventions or fuges for piano or duos – but of course I cannot translate a single word. But calli-graphically I enjoyed those letter signs very much nevertheless…


  3. so ist es
    aber nur bei klugen menschen


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