Point of view

Cats, which live in Pamplona, know that the escaping humans are allowed in the streets (from July 6 to 14 – during the event RUNNING OF THE BULLS / encierro) to hit the roaring bulls with rolled up newspapers. Swords are not allowed – till the evening comes. Observant cats from Pamplona, I’m sure, categorize this famous Pamplona RUNNING OF THE BULLS festival San Fermin for demented, alike a mental (human) illness. Saul Bellow (Nobel prize author) notes related to this phenomenon: “… problem lies in the fact that the normal is dull” (the non-usual, however, may not be written – at least not in newspapers …). A cat, observing human and cattle street life in Pamplona maybe rules that what Saul Bellow circumscribes with: “Stillness in the midst of chaos“. In this respect cats are maybe even also alike writing artists, because (as Saul Bellow continues:) “ … art has something to do with the achievement of stillness in the midst of chaos. A stillness which characterizes prayer, too, and the eye of the storm … in arrest of attention in the midst of distraction.

youtube 1 – San Ferma:

youtube 2 – one human killed:

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14 responses to “Point of view

  1. Jackie Paulson 1966

    I always watch the Running of the Bulls on TV. I cannot believe what people do! Cats need to be hidden and in silence for sure. Jackie


  2. I’m always fascinated by how differently we all live and interact with wild life. Can’t help but appreciate its diversity.


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  6. Hey, thank you my friend 🙂
    All the best!


  7. You are spot on Frizztext. I can imagine cats shaking their heads and wondering why a two legged animal chooses to delude himself into believing he can outrun a four legged one. 🙂


    • a two legged will win only versus a four legged runner, if he can fly, when it becomes too dangerous. my cat Emily often told me angrily from birds, just flying away, when high noon was near …


  8. here is another point of view:

    between the clouds


  9. http://www.life.com/gallery/52491/2010-pictures-of-the-year?xid=weeklytopten#index/98
    Spaniards construct a human tower during the Tarragona Castells Competition on Oct. 3 in Tarragona, Spain. The tradition is believed to have originated when dance groups began building human towers around the end of the 18th century, and is now a celebrated part of Catalan culture.


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