All the lonely people

All the lonely people

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… but I think, no one was lonesome on that sunny Saturday afternoon in Cologne at the riverside…

Two students from Leipzig were trying to finance their tuition fees by a little serenade on the Rhine. Anyone who carefully considers the background, discovers that an aircraft seems to fly after 30 seconds into the high-rise building on the other river-side. But just fails to hit it. Also the loneliness, described by the Beatles song lyrics (Eleanor Rigby) is just NOT the reality. The people all seem to have someone who loves them. The children their parents, the teenagers their friends, the athletes their colleagues, the musicians their admirers. After an hour the little ukulele music instrument bag was heavy as lead of all the donated coins …
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Zwei Studenten aus Leipzig versuchten ihre Studiengebühren zu finanzieren durch ein kleines Ständchen am Rhein. Wer aufmerksam den Hintergrund betrachtet, entdeckt, dass nach 30 Sekunden ein Flugzeug in das Hochhaus auf der anderen Fluß-Seite zu fliegen scheint. Geht aber knapp dran vorbei. Auch die im Song beschriebene Einsamkeit geht knapp an der Wirklichkeit vorbei. Die Menschen scheinen alle jemanden bei sich zu haben, der sie liebt. Die Kinder ihre Eltern, die Teenager ihre Freunde, die Sportler ihre Kollegen, die Musiker ihre Bewunderer. Nach einer Stunde Musik war der kleine Ukulelen-Instrumenten-Koffer schwer wie Blei von all den gespendeten Münzen …

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5 responses to “All the lonely people

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  2. Lucky them… I always found that Beatles song depressing… I wasn’t one of my favorites because it was just so morose. 🙂


  3. I like Beatles but I didn’t know their back ground and honor well.


  4. Wolfgang Hermann

    voll daneben und damit wieder voll drinnen
    :-))) wolfgang


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